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We can't believe 2022 is already here!

As many of you know SwapOurHome.Com opened in mid-2020. We understand that 2020 and 2021 were unprecedented years in regards to travel and holidays and we really appreciate everyone who has added their home to the site in preparation for the years to come!

The good news is that even throughout these last two years we have still grown! Although it’s taking us a little longer due to the pandemic, we are getting there and still need you to keep adding your properties to the site.

So, for the time being we are still offering Unlimited free membership for the first 500 people that add their home to our site. There are no catches, no credit card required and we’re not going to harass you via phone or email. We’re on a mission to fill our site and get you swapping your home to have great vacations and save money as soon as we all reasonably can.

Best of all, we’re not going to ask you to “upgrade” later. If you add your home now, you’re a member forever, regardless of what membership packages we release in the coming years. (18th January 2022)

— Stay safe everyone!

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Remember! if you add your home now or within the next few days, you will be one of our first 500 members and for helping our new site grow we will give you free membership for life. Click here for more details

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