About Us

We're travellers just like you!

We’re not a publicly listed company. We don’t have a corporate office, and we’re not a faceless organisation. What we are is a family who love to travel, enjoy experiences and have home swapped ourselves.

Chris - It's mostly just me

Most of SwapOurHome.Com was made by Chris (thats me). I’m an ex-Ceo of a large company that I sold a few years back.  Since selling my original company i’ve travelled a lot with my family to all sorts of different destinations around the world. Which is great to be able to do and i’m extremely greatful for.

Now that i’ve settled down in one location again, i’ve focused my efforts on building something that would allow me to share my passion for travel and meeting people around the world with others. And what better way to do that than with a home swap platform!

My goal is to make travel as accessible as possible to everyone, whilst facilitating great vacations at a fraction of the cost of traditional travel. There’s no reason we should be leaving our home empty to travel, when we could swap with someone else. It just makes sense.

Elizabeth - Lover of travel... Writer of articles

Travel articles are difficult, like, really difficult and require lots of research. Fortunately, we have an Elizabeth for that. Elizabeth reviews articles, makes sure everything is as good as we can get it and then fires it off onto the site for your consumption.

She’s also tasked with testing new features that I come up with, making sure nothing is broken or not working the way a normal person expects it to and sometimes helping with email enquires. I’m not sure anyone would wear that many hats, except for the fact that she is my exceedingly tolerant wife.