How home swapping works

Home swapping can sometimes be a daunting thought, however to be honest it really is a pretty simple process. To get well on the way to your first home swap vacation just follow the steps below.

1. Search for a swap

Use the website to search for your perfect vacation destination. Make sure to use the search filters to find the home you want. Maybe a place close to the beach, or one that allows you to bring your furry friend along.

2. Add your own home

Add a listing of your very own. Enter in your home details, its location and tell us all the best things about it. Then top it off by adding some photo’s to really wow your potential home swappers.

3. Talk to other swappers

Use our direct messaging to contact other swappers about their listings. A simple “hey are you interested in swapping” is sometimes all you need to start a wonderful conversation. We don’t mind if you take the conversation offline to your email or video chat after you have made contact.

4. Agree to a swap

The final step is to agree on a swap. Make sure you nail down your dates and use some of our helpful swapping checklists and home manual guides available on our website so everything goes smoothly. Don’t forget swaps are usually a simple agreement between two people.

5. Have a great time!

Now everything is done. Book your flights or gas up your car and prepare to have a great time living like a local and experiencing everything your vacation destination has to offer, whilst in the comfort of a lovely home!