Our Lifetime Free Membership Offer

We’re a brand new business and need your help to fill our site with listings. We’ve worked hard to make a website thats modern and easy to use and we will keep adding helpful tips and articles every week.

So, for the time being we are offering Unlimited free membership for the first 500 people that add their home to our site. There are no catches, no credit card required and we’re not going to harass you via phone or email. We’re on a mission to fill our site and get you swapping your home to have great vacations and save money.

Best of all, we’re not going to ask you to “upgrade” later. If you add your home now, you’re a member forever, regardless of what membership packages we release in the coming years.

The only thing to keep in mind is that you won’t be able to message other users right away. You will have to wait 2 days until that becomes active. This allows a real human on our side to make sure your not a spam robot.

Free Membership

$ 0 Forever
  • Contact other members (after 48hrs)
  • List up to 3 homes
  • Cancel anytime in your dashboard
  • Free Forever, we won't ask you to upgrade