What we do at swap our home

We feel that it’s important on a website like our’s that we let you know what we do provide you with and what we don’t provide you with. Below, we have covered what swap our home does for you on our end and some of the things we can’t.

We are a platform provider.

We provide the platform that allows you to list your home, add photo’s, descriptions and map locations. Additionally we provide internal messaging that allows you to contact other home swappers without disclosing your email address or contact details to them. We also provide blog posts and help pages for setting up your home swap and support getting your home listed on our site.

Unlike sites like AirBnB we don’t have control of a swap once it is in motion and therefore we don’t intervene with you or the other swapper at all during your home swap. If for some reason there is a problem with the swap, unfortunately we cannot provide alternative accomodation or if you have agreed on a monetary exchange we can’t issue a refund.